Online Coaching

Online Act Coaching with an Expert Teaser

When you’re working on a new act do you ever get stuck?

Have an act you love and are proud of but isn’t getting booked?

Not getting the reaction you want from your audience?

Have a song you love but are struggling to find the story you want to tell with it?

Questions about choosing the right costume?

Clueless about where to go for help?

What if you could…

Get the audience on their feet screaming for more!

Get accepted to international festivals!

Get booked for regular shows!

Make the creation process FUN!

I’ve got you covered!

Work with me online and I’ll take you from stuck, stressed and invisible to… inspired, confident and in-demand

With online coaching we can elevate your art to help you reach your goals and give you a clear path the success in burlesque

But wait—who am I?

Known as a “Tall Glass of Bad Ass”, I am an award-winning burlesque performer, teacher and entrepreneur. She has toured North America’s major burlesque festivals, competed for “Queen of Burlesque” and “Best Debut” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and taught her signature workshops across the continent (“wow factor” and “breaking the 4th wall”). She works full time as an educator and performer in burlesque.

When I first started in burlesque I was stressed out and unsure every time I got onstage. After 10 yrs of trial and error, I have the tools to feel confident in my shows. I want to share these techniques and choices with you! I wish I had had this service when I first started.

Josephine has been training burlesque artists since she founded her burlesque academy, Arabesque Burlesque, in 2013. She is especially known for her skills in burlesque act development and workshopping and has ongoing relationships with burlesquers across the globe who work with her to meet their career and performance goals.


What students say

“Her feedback is nothing but concise and thorough and exceptional. She is professional through-and-through and can offer you such good advice that will improve your performance 10-fold” Sugar Vixen (Miss Viva Las Vegas competitor 2018-19)

“The eye for detail and commitment to artistry that makes Josephine a great performer also makes her a phenomenal coach! She asks all the right questions and offers creative input to bring your work to the next level” Aria Delanoche (Winner ‘Most Classic’ and ‘Best Debut’ at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2018)

“This is super helpful and I’m excited for this act have more of a BAM!” Fifi Fantome (Berlin-based circus and burlesque artist)

With virtual act coaching, you will learn

What audience your act is best suited for so that you know what kind of shows to apply for

What are the strongest and weakest points of your performance so that you make the right choices and bring the act to the next level

How to implement my suggested changes and walk away with a professional, festival ready act so that you reach your performance goals more quickly

What are you waiting for, get the audience screaming your name!

Here’s how it works

STEP 1 Free phone consultation to see what I can bring to your burlesque that will best suit your particular goals. We choose between the following:

OPTION 1 - $150 CND

One-Time Act Coaching Write Up

I’ll give you specific and concrete feedback on your act, music choice, costume, and impact on the audience in a 2-4 page written review based on the video you send me.

All details, HERE

OPTION 2 - $300 CND

Intensive Act Coaching in 3 Parts


Send me a video of an act you want to bring to the next level

I’ll reply with an in-depth written review and we will talk on the phone about how you can get started


You start making the changes happen and I’m supporting you every step of the way

Email me with any stumbling blocks or questions


Send me an at-home video of the new version of your act and we can review your progress together

Phone consultation to complete the process - you walk away with a fully-realized version of your act

OPTION 3 - price TBD

Ongoing Portfolio and Career Consultations

We complete all phases of Option 2 and maintain an ongoing feedback and growth relationships for your entire burlesque portfolio. I become your virtual burlesque mentor. This option can be explored once we have completed Option 2 for at least one of your acts.