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Photo by Carl Thierault

Photo by Carl Thierault

Photo and design by Mary Elam Photography / Hair by Kathy Simon / Styled by The Lady Josephine



Ever wanted to have sex in the Chrysler Building? Known as a “Tall Glass of Bad Ass”, The Lady Josephine is an award-winning burlesque performer, teacher and entrepreneur. Her burlesque performances are unrelenting explosions of high fashion and drama... dipped in filth. She was chosen to compete for Miss Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and voted in Canada's top ten burlesque performers. Notable appearances include the Dita Von Teese cabaret, Montreal International Jazz Festival, C2MTL, the New York International Burlesque Festival and her role as Lili St Cyr in the 7 Finger's production "Vice & Vertu". She is the co-founder and director of the Academie Arabesque Burlesque in Montreal, Canada. 

BIO d'ARTISTE (francais)

Josephine est une artiste de burlesque décorée et une entrepreneure de grande envergure dans son domaine. Elle a performé dans les festivals de New York, Boston, Colorado et Vancouver. En 2014 elle s’intègre parmi les plus grands noms du burlesque dans la compétition du Burlesque Hall of Fame à Las Vegas et obtient une place parmi les 10 artistes burlesque les plus populaires du Canada. Elle donne des stages spécialisés en entrainement et en éducation burlesque grâce a l'Académie Arabesque Burlesque, qu`elle a fondé en 2012.

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