Photos, video links and descriptions of The Lady Josephine's burlesque acts portfolio. 

Photos, videos et descriptions des numéros burlesques de Lady Josephine.


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gatsby's dream

Photo by Ed Barnas at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Queen's Competition in Las Vegas


Rockstar remix of the Gatsby Era

Adorned in a chic, custom-tailored costume, Josephine's performance is the embodiment of 20s-era extravagance and celebration. Josephine has two version of this act: one starts with classic Jazz Era strutting and finishes with trap music striptease perfect for dance parties, the other stays vintage throughout and progresses from elegant and nouveau-riche to flapper shimmy and shake. This character is always in love with herself, her audience and all that glitters! For this act, an onstage burlesque attendant helps Josephine with her props and costume pieces. An Art Deco mirrored backdrop is an optional addition.



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Photos by Honey Beavers and Ed Barnas at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend - Queen's Competition 2017, and Alan Bailward from an Forever Yours Lingerie event

 Arabesque Burlesque Student Showcase Automne 2017 PART 1 at Thw Wiggle Room, Montreal, {state/province}, Canada, on 26, November, 2017. Photo by Vitor Munhoz.


Photo by Vitor Munhoz


Feathers & high kicks - welcome to Le Moulin Rouge!

A delicious tribute to the world of classic cabaret. This act showcases Josephine's flexibility and acrobatics (she does a one-handed cartwheel into the splits if the venue allows for it!). In Carnivalesque, feathers burst out from her costume and she dances with beautiful ostrich feather fan for the finale. Great for a Moulin Rouge party or a party vibe!



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Miss King Crimson

Photo by RamonSSS at the Montreal Burlesque Festival


Cinematic and edgy striptease spectacle

Debuted in October of 2017, this is Josephine's most elaborate show to date. In this 7 minute show, we are invited into a sexually-charged fairytale reminiscent of a David Lynch film or a dark Wizard of Oz. The witch floats across the stage appearing to be a giantess wearing a 6ft high blue velvet dress. On her command, two flying blue monkeys burst out from the giant skirt to terrorize the audience. The next spell is cast upon her own hand, turning it into the embodiment of a dominant lover. This unique burlesque striptease proceeds with the monkeys as her attendants and the open skirt as her setting.



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Tech Sheet

Photos by RamonSSS, Marc Young and Ruth Gillson from the Montreal Burlesque Festival




Photo from a show with Dita Von Teese produced by Speakeasy Burlesque


Miss Sheath is an explosive and contemporary trio burlesque performance. She is a fencing mistress whose sensuality will take no prisoners. A fiercely feminine and highly innovative striptease performance, Miss Sheath is high-impact and surprising. 

One reporter's impression of this act:

"Lady Josephine played a dangerous swordswoman to a soundtrack of orchestral electronica, and sliced her bodice off with her weapon to intakes of audience breath"

Perfect for large venues or a party atmosphere. The costume is a mind-blowing ensemble by Misty Greer Couture. This act was performed alongside Dita Von Teese herself in 2016!



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Photos by Carl Thériault from show with Dita Von Teese produced by Speakeasy Burlesque, Jo Gorsky at the Monde Ose Royal Burlesque Ball, FubarFoto at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Photolena at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Vegas, Samson Photography at the Everything to do with Sex Show in Halifax

Matt MacQuarrie ladyJ5x7 2.jpg

naked City


Photo by Matt MacQuarrie at the Monde Ose Royal Burlesque Ball


Film noire femme fatale from the future

One night, in a Blade Runner dystopia, a nightclub entertainer catches her man cheating just before stepping onstage. It's a story of smoky rebirth through the art of undress - from betrayal to exuberant (and naked!) defiance. Song is a custom mix of "Another Night in the Naked City"  and "Peter Gunn" done by sound designer, Ryan Ockenden. Special effect of the smoking cane is super cool!



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Photos by Carl Thériault from Monde Ose Bal Burlesque & Frank Lam and Marc Young from the Montreal Burlesque Festival

Cirquantique - Astral-8192.jpg

lady in white


Photo by Dumais Photo from Montreal International Jazz Festival


1920s glamour girl at a burlesque party

This act summons us into the Gatsby era. Josephine seizes the stage and offers a classic tease with her most flashy showgirl costume and a big boa to finish. She can conclude this act with either an elegant striptease for all, a playful finale where she brings an audience member onstage (perfect for birthdays), or a version ending with bra and panties still on (perfect for corporate events - please ask for video). Danced to "St Louis Blues" (upbeat jazz tune) and "St James Infirmary Blues" (a sultry version of this classic).



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for your eye only


Photo by Kidd Gloves Photography at the Bagel Burlesque Expo


Great for Halloween events!

The Caped Persuader (protagonist) is a neurotic heroine inspired by the daring dames of Tarantino's Kill Bill series. She is simultaneously obsessed with watching the audience and being watched by them. She pulls out an eye (enter giant inflated eyeball) to keep watch over them while they see her undress. Songs are "Twisted Nerve" (listen) and "Madness" (listen)



Photos by Renaud Kasma at Speakeasy Electroswing party, Vitor Munhoz for Camuz at la TOHU, & Kidd Gloves Photography at the Bagel Burlesque Expo