Prices for different burlesque entertainment services by The Lady Josephine.

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rates for burlesque show by lady josephine

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Photo by Dumais Photo from my show with Speakeasy ElectroSwing at Montreal International Jazz Festival 2016

Taking Photos & Interacting With Guests

Reasonable interaction with the public included with each booking (up to 30mins before or after performance). Add $100/hr for interacting with guests in costume, taking photos, etc. beyond this.

Cost of Burlesque Performances**

Standard Signature Acts - $350 : easier to transport and adaptable to small venues and private homes

Flapper Dancer — 1920s glamour girl at a burlesque party

Sway — An aristocrat from the 1920s drinks whiskey to relax... and undress

Extravagant Signature Acts - $450 : *props and/or my assistant onstage

Gatsby's Dream — Rockstar remix of the Gatsby Era

*large fur cape & mirror fan

Naked City — Film noire femme fatale from the future

*large cane that smokes by burning glycerin & mirror fan

Carnivalesque — Feathers & high kicks - welcome to Le Moulin Rouge!

*ostrich feather fan

For Your Eye Only — Great for Halloween events!

*giant inflated eyeball

Acts for Large Venues - $600 *backup dancers and couture costumes

Miss Sheath — A trio performance about a Renaissance fencing mistress who cuts her clothes off

two backup dancers

Miss King Crimson — Cinematic and edgy striptease spectacle —

two backup "flying monkeys" and giant rolling skirt prop

** Note that two acts is not always double the price. A package deal can be negotiated. For two acts in one night, $100 is deducted from the total price. This accounts for the fact that a lot of time is put into hair and makeup preparation and transport to the location.


A deposit equal to %50 of the total contracted amount must be paid (by cheque or using a credit card online) to confirm any booking. The balance is due on the day of the booking unless other arrangement are agreed upon in writing.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a confirmed booking must be cancelled, the following fees will apply: %25 of total contract amount if cancelled 7 days prior to date of the event; %50 of total contract amount if cancelled within 48hrs of the event.

Additional Fees

* $100 added for any special requests regarding music selection and/or content. i.e. any changes to established acts.

* special fee for dates that are in high-demand: NYE, and the weeks of Valentine’s Day and Halloween. An additional $100 added to all rates.

* an additional $100 allows me to bring my own assistant who will help me with preparations and collect the costume at the end of my show in a theatrical way. They will be dressed in costume to fit the theme of the event. I will include this fee unless other arrangements can be made to have someone with experience who can play this role.

National & International Travel

* $15/hr for all travel time outside of the City of Montreal

* Taxi fees covered (MTL airport $45 each way)

* Extra Luggage fees where transporting act materials requires it ($40-$70 each way for domestic flights)

Dressing Room & Tech Requirements

For all performances, a private area must be provided to dress and change costumes (dressing room) that is both safe and reasonably spacious enough to do so. Also there must be a sound system for playing the performers’ music and a sound operator. Other tech requirements are specific to each act and should be discussed when choosing the act.

A Note on Nudity & the Nature of Burlesque

Burlesque is theatrical striptease. It is an artform that is exciting and titillating and there are recognized conventions and boundaries within the genre. Burlesque involves semi-nudity and all performers will keep the areolas of their breasts and their pubic regions covered at all times by wearing sparkly pasties and decorated undergarments. Under no circumstances will the performers ever appear before the public in a fully nude state. It will be furthermore not be permitted for the employees of the venue or the public to touch, or request to be touched, in any way by the performers. For clarification please contact The Lady Josephine at 514-586-2639.

For audiences less experienced with burlesque, Josephine is happy to modify acts to end with a more modest reveal. She can keep her showgirl bra on and wear sparkly panties that cover the full bum. Please let us know if you prefer this option at the time of booking!