Photos, video links and descriptions of The Lady Josephine's burlesque acts portfolio. 

Photos, videos et descriptions des numéros burlesques de Lady Josephine.


Welcome to my world! My portfolio expands beyond what is presented here. Contact me with your vision to know more.

Naked City

One night, in a "Blade Runner" dystopia, a nightclub entertainer catches her man cheating just before stepping onstage. It's a story of smoky rebirth through the art of undress - from betrayal to exuberant (and naked!) defiance. Song is a custom mix of "Another Night in the Naked City"  and "Peter Gunn" done by sound designer, Ryan Ockenden.

Watch a video of the act, HERE. Photos by Vitor Munhoz from Charlestown Burlesque, JF Galipeau from Monde Ose Bal Burlesque & Frank Lam from the Montreal Burlesque Festival.


Lady in White

This act summons us into the Gatsby era. Josephine seizes the stage and offers a classic tease with her most flashy showgirl costume and a big boa to finish. She can conclude this act with either an elegant striptease for all, a playful finale where she brings an audience member onstage (perfect for birthdays), or a version ending with bra and panties still on (perfect for corporate events - please ask for video). Danced to "St Louis Blues" (upbeat jazz tune) and "St James Infirmary Blues" (a sultry version of this classic).

Watch a video of the act, HERE. 

Photos by Frank Lam from Montreal Burlesque Festival & Dumais Photo from Montreal International Jazz Festival.


Gatsby's Dream

This act invites us into the 1920's - to a party for the rich and playful. Adorned in a custom-tailored costume, Josephine embodies extravagance. A Jazz Era striptease that progresses from nouveau-riche, to rockstar-style shimmy and shake, with high kicks and high-hats. This character is in love with herself...and her audience. Song is a custom mix of "The Stripper"  and "You & Me (Flume Remix)" done by sound designer, Ryan Ockenden.

Watch a video of the act, HERE

Photos by Bailward Photography from Forever Yours Lingerie show) and Carl Thériault - Photographe from Bal Erotique by Monde Osé



It's the middle of a hot summer. Josephine is melting! All she wants is a lick of sweet, cold ice cream. And she finds one. In the most unlikely of places. An original burlesque striptease, dance and physical comedy act!

Watch a video of the act, HERE. 

Photos by Dumais Photo from Loly's by Cirquantique, Jo Gorsky from Cirque de Boudoir & DJA Photography from Speakeasy Electro Swing Montreal





Miss Sheath

Miss Sheath is a fencing mistress whose sensuality will take no prisoners. A fierce and innovative striptease performance, Miss Sheath is high-impact and explosive. Perfect for large venues or a party atmosphere and complete with two back-up dancers. The costume is a mind-blowing ensemble by Misty Greer Couture. Songs are "A-Flat" and "Fanfare" by Black Violin (listen)

Watch a video of the act, HERE

Photos from show with Dita Von Teese presented by Speakeasy Burlesque by Marc Young and Carl Thieriault



This is one of Josephine's signature acts. It takes us back to the darkly decadent 1920s/30s era. This aristocratic snob is entirely 'pish-posh' about the whole affair until the enticing rhythms of Mambo inspire her to move in exciting new ways... Complete with surprise bum pops and a split finale, there's a reason this act has become one of her most requested. Songs are Mood Indigo and Sway (listen)

Watch a video of the act, HERE.

Photos by Ruth Gillson & Photolena from Montreal International Jazz Festival and Muriel Leclerc from Les Folies Jartières.


For Your Eye Only

The Caped Persuader (protagonist) is a neurotic heroine inspired by the daring dames of Tarantino's Kill Bill series. She is simultaneously obsessed with watching the audience and being watched by them. She pulls out an eye (enter giant inflated eyeball) to keep watch over them while they see her undress. Songs are "Twisted Nerve" (listen) and "Madness" (listen)

Watch a video of the act, HERE. 

Photos by Camuz and Kidd Gloves Photography.



Cute and approachable, this act is perfect for audience new to burlesque. It showcases a carnival-style costume, funny interactions with the audience, and balletic dance. When the audience pops her 2 small balloons, she feels she has nothing more to offer…. until she realizes her clothes can be gifts! The act finishes with the popping of a giant balloon filled with rose petals. Song is "Babushka" by The Woohoo Review (listen).

Watch a video of the act, HERE

Photos by Dumais Photo from Cocktail Cirquantique


Caught in the Machine

A darkly epic act inspired by Metropolis (the movie), Steampunk culture, and the sinister power of Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain". The Steampunk Glamazon is trapped in the form of beautiful architecture until... a moth flies by. She swallows it. It sets her FREE! Danced to an excerpt of this song (listen)

Watch a video of the act, HERE.


Photos by Renaud Kasma